Guarding Skills

In combative preparation, the expression guarding skills is used to identify; 1. a specific key term within the system's spoken language and written language, and 2. a specific group of combative processes. At this level of preparation, guarding skills is defined as; a specific group of combative skills used in the actual process of keeping one's body or parts of it from harm. The term "Guarding Skills" represents the compression of all the ideologies, practices, and standards of processing associated with the levels of development listed below. As a member, your overall attention should be directed towards absorbing, accepting, and adopting the physical processes, mental processes, and emotional processes associated with the system's methods of guarding. For more information, please proceed to one of the following sub-categories; Basic Skill Development, Intermediate Skill Development, or Advanced Skill Development.


Brian K Leishman
Founder / White Lotus Educator

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