About the Author

Mr. Leishman was born in North Bay, Ontario, Canada on April 14th, 1954. Since 1972, he has spent a vast amount of time indulging his curiosity about eastern philosophy, martial arts, and martial education. Mr. Leishman is a martial art master who focuses on self-development, personal mastery, and the science of unarmed combat. He hosts several websites and has been writing martial art articles since 1995. Mr. Leishman is the founder of the White Lotus System of Unarmed Combat®. He created this system of martial arts in 1980 for the purpose of sharing his ideologies, methodologies, processes, practices, and standards associated with the "Evolution of Martial Preparation". Mr. Leishman also founded the White Lotus Art Form System, White Lotus Combat System, White Lotus Temple System, and the Canadian Martial Arts Association.

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